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We are masters at defining the right machine or line to help you achieve your food processing needs. Manufacturers Nilma, Eillert, Finis and Tenrit trust us to be their key providers. If you require a solution that is not listed on our website, then get in touch as we can talk you through other options.

we are the sole agents for the UK, Ireland, Canada and the USA

The Eillert range covers varying machines and capacities for vegetables, salad and fruit.

  • Abrasive peeling machines
  • Vegetable slicing, stripping and dicing
  • Cabbage coring, carrot topping, washing and drying lines for tomatoes
  • Preparation tables
  • Pre-washer, flume washer, centrifuge and drying machines and systems
  • Dipping systems and sliver removers
  • Transport belts for leafy or root vegetables
  • Basket inners, baskets and basket mills
We are the sole agents for the UK, Ireland, Canada and the USA

Finis are experts in designing, developing and manufacturing ‘peeling and cutting machines and lines’ for products, such as potatoes, onions and peppers. Finis provide:

  • Onion peeling and processing lines
  • Potato peeling and processing lines
  • Other root vegetable processing lines
  • Pepper processing lines
  • Audio de-stoning machines
  • Transporting, weighing and packing machinery
We are the sole agents for the UK and Ireland

We all know that good food comes from Italy, Italian based company Nilma S.p.A design and manufacture machines for the commercial and industrial sectors to get that ‘home cooked’ result and quality retained in your products. Below are the broad range of machines Nilma make:

  • Salad, vegetable and fruit ‘washing and drying’ machines
  • Vegetable and garlic peeling machines
  • Mixers, transfer pumps, breading machines, moulding machines and automatic tin openers
  • Chopping, dicing, grating, slicing and shredding machines
  • Braising pans, tilting boiling pans and automatic fryers
  • Steam, conventional and pass-through ovens
  • Pasta cookers and ‘cooking and cooling’ lines
  • Blast chillers
We are the sole agents for the UK and Ireland

Tenrit have been developing and manufacturing solutions for food processing since 1991. Since then, continuous development and innovation have been the guarantee for their success.

  • Asparagus, vegetable and universal peelers
  • Outfeed conveyor
  • Vegetable tray sealer
  • Automated deep fat fryer

Made to Measure

As well as standalone machines and lines, we also offer ‘made to measure’ solutions for low, medium and high care environments:

  • Complete lines – designing and installing whole facilities
  • Conveyor belts – getting product from A to B
  • Elevators – reaching the height you need
  • Dip Wheel – placing product in a concentrated solution for a set time
  • De-stoner – removing stones, dirt, silt, sand, etc.
  • Weigher Bagger – ensuring the right quantities at packing stage
  • Box tipper – taking the strain out of lifting
  • Roller and visual inspection tables –facilitating quality checks
  • Roller/continuous peeler – peeling in a fast, easy manner
  • Infeed system – controlling the flow to the peeler

All our ‘made to measure’ solutions are designed to meet your needs:

  • Bespoke made
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction
  • Hygienic design for quick and thorough cleaning
  • Suitable for a wide range of products
  • Sizes depend on the capacities
  • Quick release (where applicable)
  • Fixed or adjustable