Innovative Engineering

We provide equipment, project management and consultancy to the food industry, globally.

Improving process efficiencies, reducing labour and maximising profits through automation and out of the box thinking, Projx are market leaders in custom built production lines and automated solutions.
With global experience in process improvements, we design and deliver industrial automation using vision and motion control systems. We are able to deliver stainless steel hygienic, washdown robots including the feed and integration with existing equipment.
Unlike other vendors who offer a system and adapt it for a particular use, we custom design from the ground up based on the exact labour saving application that will achieve the best efficiencies and fasted ROI’s for our clients.
We are experienced system integrators and have the advantage that we are able to design complete factory layouts in 3D CAD and for process control we write our own software in-house to deliver a complete project with operator and engineering friendly control panels with data logging including remote support.
Projx Engineering, our Engineering division is based in Linclonshire and offers stainless steel fabrication, mechanical installation services and shift cover.

Projx Automation, our controls and automation division are based in Lincolnshire designing vision systems and control panels, offering electrical site installations and are experts in vision & robotics.

Recently we have provided equipment for our clients, helping service...

onions peeled and processed per annum
0 billion
of bagged salad washed & processed per annum
0 tons
of coleslaw manufactured per annum
0 tons


Conveyors, gantries, robotics and process controls.

Kuka Robotics Gold Partner

Foods & Beverage sectors for the UK/EMEA regions


Weighing and packing equipment for packhouses


Specialist washing, mixing and cooking equipment


Fruit Processing Equipment


Optical Sorting and X-Ray Inspection Systems