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KR AGILUS : 6 Axis Robots

The KR AGILUS is our compact six-axis robot that is designed for particularly high working speeds. Different versions, installation positions, reaches and payloads transform the small robot into a precision artist.

Precision & versatility

The KR AGILUS stands out due to its versatility that enables you to tap new fields of application. Irrespective of the installation position – whether on the floor, ceiling or wall – it achieves utmost precision in confined spaces thanks to its integrated energy supply system and service-proven control technology from KUKA. The safe robot functionality paves the way for innovative automation concepts. With a wide range of variants for operation in cleanrooms or potentially explosive environments, or with a particularly hygienic or splash-proof design: every version of the KR AGILUS is always precise and fast.
KR Agilus 6 Axis Robots


Agile in every environment

No matter how dirty, wet or sterile – the KR AGILUS achieves top performance in every production environment. A wide range of variants, such as Cleanroom, Hygienic Machine, EX – for potentially explosive environments – and Waterproof make it a specialist for many different tasks.

Extreme precision with any cycle time

Thanks to its robust design, the KR AGILUS achieves maximum repeatability and continuous precision. With its extreme speed, it reduces cycle times – and increases production quality, without ever getting out of step.

Permanently robust

Thanks to its lifetime lubrication, the KR AGILUS never needs a change of lubricant in the gear units and has minimal maintenance requirements. The robust design ensures continuous productivity.

Extremely compact

Inverted on the ceiling, sideways on the wall or firmly on the floor: the KR AGILUS adapts to any installation position. We have integrated the energy supply system so that you can integrate the six-axis robot into your space-saving cell concepts.

Protected against electrostatic charges

Electrostatic charges are a problem especially in electronics production. The KR AGILUS has ESD protection even in its standard version. It is thus optimally protected against charging.

reddot Award 2016 winner

KR AGILUS: Hygienic Machine variant

The KR AGILUS is available as a Hygienic Machine. The design and the materials used in this variant are absolutely hygienic. This allows it to be used in applications involving direct contact with foodstuffs and pharmaceutical substances.

Corrosion-resistant surfaces, food-compatible lubricants and stainless steel parts ensure the highest level of hygiene. The KR AGILUS is thus perfectly suited to applications requiring a sterile environment.

In the Hygienic Machine variant, the KR AGILUS achieves maximum hygiene levels.

KR AGILUS: Cleanroom variant

The KR AGILUS CR is suitable for use in cleanrooms and meets the requirements of cleanroom class ISO2. The KR AGILUS CR can thus be perfectly integrated into the smallest of spaces and complex applications with high cleanliness requirements.

Thanks to a special powder coating and special seals to protect against particle emission, the cleanroom robot features extremely smooth surfaces. Due to the avoidance of airborne particles, the robot does not generate dust or particles caused by seal abrasion. It thus conforms to the strict cleanroom criteria of the Fraunhofer Institute. 

The KR AGILUS is available as a cleanroom variant for air cleanliness class 2.

KR AGILUS: Waterproof variant

In the Waterproof variant, the KR AGILUS is splash-proof from all sides and achieves maximum performance even in the case of extreme external production conditions. Stable stainless steel covers have replaced plastic parts, and resistant surface treatments and additional seals in the interior of the small robot enable it to be used in a machine tool environment, for example.

The waterproof version of the KUKA small robot complies with the higher protection rating IP67. 

KR AGILUS: Waterproof variant