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Projx Automation is the division that focuses on control systems and automation.

Automation Experience

The business has over 30 years experience in building control systems and offers custom OEM Automation machines and upgrades to existing machines, PLC Programing, Robotics, Data Collection, HMI Programming, Machine Vision systems for many markets including Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Aviation, Food and Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods, Consumer and Industrial Electronics, and Industrial Processes.
Controls - Automation

Projx DAS (Data Acquisition System)

Clients requirement

To extract as much useful and practical data from production lines as possible using unintrusive interfacing methods.

Design and purpose

D.A.S as designed by Projx Automation Ltd serves to feed information back to users on a basic but flexible and functional level. Although the core functions and hardware remain common, the system is easily tailored to suit individual clients’ requirements. This could be anything from monitoring live data, such as running state or shift/batch targets to historic data to record and review efficiency and yield. Water usage and energy monitoring right through to batch counts, cycle times etc can all be collected by the system and easily displayed in a format of
the site team choosing.

The system also offers the ability to live updates on a pre-determined interval basis. E.G Weekly email with a breakdown of lines run time, down time and production figures.

Why go with D.A.S?

In our opinion, D.A.S offers a cost-effective, flexible and less intrusive way of interacting with production and operations such as traditional SCADA. Should the existing systems OEM not want to grant access to their systems to extract the data, D.A.S allows us to install sensors, level monitoring or integrate with control systems to gather information for ourselves, whilst leaving the OEM’s core system alone. This has proven invaluable on many occasions. The system also allows the user to add more information as it becomes a requirement. Spare 20% capacity is built in as standard.


The beauty of D.A.S is in the design. The system is built specifically to be user-friendly, on operator, supervisor and engineering levels. It’s not there to complicate or baffle the people that use it. It’s designed to give clear and accurate information in a simple-to-use and easy-to-read format. Should there be a problem with an item on the D.A.S system, it will tell you. If the system can’t diagnose itself then a call to one of our support engineers will soon get the system diagnosed and the best method of support in place to rectify.