Projx Innovative Engineering

Vegetable Processing

We have been designing and supplying salad and vegetable processing lines for many years and have served the largest processors in the industry.

Complete salad and vegetable processing lines

Complete salad and vegetable processing lines including, dynamic weighing system with recipe control, optical sorting, two stage wash, centrifuge or air drying, weighing, packing and robotic packing and palletising.

Vegetable Processing

Coleslaw processing line

Automatic coring, dipping, cutting, dynamic weighing, mixing, pot filling and robotic packing. Fully automated line producing up to 9,000Kgs per hour of finest coleslaw.

Onion Peeling

Onion processing line

Raw material handling, peeling, sorting, cutting (rings, sliced, diced, petals), weighing, packing.

Potato Peeling

Potato processing line

Washing, de-stoning, peeling, sorting, cutting (halves, quarters, sliced, diced, fries, wedges), preservative dipping, weighing, packing. Effluent handling, filtration, pressing, centrifuging, starch removal.

Carrot processing line

Grading, washing, high speed topping, peeling, optical sorting, cutting (sliced, diced, batons, shred, grate), weighing, packing.