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The delta robot: three-armed parallel robot

The delta robot is a high-mounted apparatus with the motors fixed at the base and three pre-assembled linked arms below the robot, which allows high acceleration and a large range of motion, all while being precise in execution of pick and other applications.

Hygiene at a high level.

KUKA DELTA robots are designed for use in highly sensitive conditions. Thanks to its stainless steel body, the DELTA robot is ideally equipped for hygienically sensitive areas, such as direct contact with food, medicines or electronic components.

Industrial robots are an essential element within today’s factory environment, even more so within the factory of the future. The demand for industrial robots stems from the need for versatile, intelligent machines able to perform repetitive tasks cost-effectively with a wide range of motion whilst maintaining quality consistencies and reduced cycle time. The delta robot satisfies these demands.

The robot’s corrosion-resistant stainless steel shell is designed according to German LFGB and US FDA food standards and also meets European CE certification, American UL certification and German TÜV safety function certification. The robot is protected against dust and moisture according to IP 67 protection class and can therefore be cleaned under high pressure and with alkaline or acidic cleaning agents.

KUKA DELTA robots are perfectly suited for pick-and-place applications in the high-speed sector, including the food industry.

Typical robotic applications include assembly and pick and place which, to satisfy today’s manufacturing demands require continuity, speed, and precision of execution as standard.

KR DELTA robot in Hygienic Design


We custom build robots to suit your particular application and couple it with a smart vision system. Depending on the application we use either a sensor, 2D imaging or 3D with AI, particularly when working with organic produce.
Delta robotics