Projx Innovative Engineering

Weighing & Packing

We can provide weighing and packaging machines for fresh potatoes, vegetables and fruit.

Manter International

Manter develops and produces the weighing and packaging machines that we supply. Besides this, we can offer solutions for your specific weighing and/or packaging problem. To illustrate; the machines are applicable for processed products such as deep-frozen fish and meat or for instance animal-feed.

The Manter machines are developed and assembled at one location, resulting in a complete, qualitative line of machinery that connects perfectly and functions efficiently as one. Quality for Manter means exact, reliable and durable machines, keeping maintenance costs low.

M16i V Carrots

16 Head Weigher

16 V-shaped weighing head weigher


Automatic bagging machine developed for premade rolls of mesh bags


The Cratefiller provides a fully automatic solution for the filling of loose produce into crates or boxes.

M12i V cherry tomatoes and clamshell filler

The 12 weighing buckets are especially suited for weighing fresh and deep-frozen foods, like cherry tomatoes or frozen fish fillets.

Clipper M2

Manter Clipper M2, for small netbags closed with a metal clip. Up to 45 bags/minute.

Wicket Bagger Single Softfill

Designed to pack soft fruits such as apples, pears, and plums. It is made specifically for packing into premade, wicketed bags.

Projx in-line dynamic weigh belt

Projx Services are delighted to launch the PRO-FLOW, a continuous and precise weighing system. The PRO-FLOW enables accurate recipe control as it measures all ingredients in real-time. The continuous weighing system therefore gives the end user an increase in efficiencies and the ability to maintain a greater control.

It can be loaded manually, via vibratory deck or an existing conveyor system. An integral feeder ensures a controlled flow to the main weigh belt that accurately measures in milliseconds the amount of product travelling over the belt.

We provide multiple lane systems for the exact dosing of many ingredients into one process where the system monitors all feeds to ensure an accurate combined recipe flow.

The PRO-Flow is ideal for many products including rice, pasta, salad, vegetables, snack foods, powders, flavourings, herbs, nuts, confectionary etc.