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Engineering Services

An engineering team that is there to help when you need it, from a new line installation to the integration and modification of existing equipment. Stainless Steel fabrication or a helping hand with shift cover, our team is there to assist.

Experience counts

Our team of engineers have many years of experience in the food and beverage sectors and can offer engineering shift cover if you need some extra help onsite, installation services and fabrication.
If you need something designed and manufactured, we have the capability to help you. From a simple stainless steel table to custom build high care conveyors and special custom build machinery for particular applications.
Engineering Services
Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Computer aided design

We work with your business to design the best solution based on, the space available and maintaining good process flows while achieving good technical integrity. For each application we consider the raw material, how many process options are required throughout the production line and most importantly, the end product. We ensure minimal and suitable transfer points to treat the product as gently as possible and good operator and supervisor control points to ensure good flows. Waste flows are divided into usable and normal waste, and there is careful consideration regarding the divisions between low, medium and high care environments. With a key focus on maximum yields, minimum labour, waste and effluent. Whether you have limited space in an existing location, or plan to build a new greenfield site, we can assist.

Walls & Floors

We can help you with any insulated panel work that needs moving or building, including access doors and hatches being cut in. In addition, if you wish to create a processing area with a suitable sloped floor with drainage or require a platform built to enclose a sump tank and drainage, then our constructional engineers will be able to advise and supply the best option for your business.

Air & Water

We provide air and water related supply needs, for example, a new or upgraded system, including all associated components and pipe works. It is possible to provide regular service contracts to ensure your factory’s air supply remains in good condition. We can recommend the correct equipment for your business requirements and offer the option of high efficiency motors where possible. With extensive experience and knowledge, we ensure the relevant pipework materials are placed in the correct risk areas. It is also possible to supply small entry-level compressors through to complete factory systems with auto backup, therefore supplying all your compressed air needs. We have extensive experience in water and waste pipe requirements.

Electrical Controls

Our lines are lines are designed so that the production staff have as much control as possible. Simple push button control panels, through to, a central touchscreen PLC control cabinet with direct links to the equipment manufacturers technical support team can be provided. Remote panels around the line can also be useful and provided by us.

Installation Team

We have a wealth of experience and a great reputation. We have working relationships in place with specialist like minded suppliers and subcontractors. Our team of specialists have worked together on many successful projects over the past few years and over 80% of our turnover is either repeat business or through recommendations.

Complete Solution

To compliment your food processing equipment solution, we provide complete turnkey solutions to also include;

  • Insulated panel works
  • Flooring
  • Electrical installations
  • Equipment relocation
  • Water and new compressed air supplies
  • Extraction hood requirements
  • Blast chilling needs
  • Fabrication of bespoke conveyors
  • Custom-made platforms, gantries, etc.