Projx Innovative Engineering


At Projx we take a slightly different approach to other vendors. Instead of taking off the shelf systems and adapt them, we design from the ground up a solution that fits your particular application.

Robotic Solutions

Our robotic solutions can be used in wet high care environments and are designed with hygiene in mind. In these instances, the frames are of a heavy duty stainless steel tubular design and the complete system, including robot is washdown.

Whether you need to pick and place, pick and stack or pick and pack raw material like potatoes, onions, carrots or difficult fruit like pineapples then we have a solution for you. End of line packing into crates and palletising is also our expertise.

Robots don’t always need to handle fresh produce. With our design the same system can be used for pretty much anything across many sectors: bakery, fish, confectionary, snacks and most other things you can think of. Hygienic robot automation opens so many opportunities to save labour in harsh and tedious environments.

Our Robots

KR Agilus 6 Axis Robots

6-Axis robots

The KR AGILUS is our compact six-axis robot that is designed for particularly high working speeds. Different versions, installation positions, reaches and payloads transform the small robot into a precision artist.

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KR DELTA robot in Hygienic Design

Delta type robots

The delta robot is a high-mounted apparatus with the motors fixed at the base and three pre-assembled linked arms below the robot, which allows high acceleration and a large range of motion, all while being precise in execution of pick and other applications.

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