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Eillert ASD – Automatic vegetable dryer

The ASD is suited to delicately drying iceberg lettuce, radicchio, baby leaf, Lollo Bionda, Lollo Rosso, herbs, etc. The dryer can be programmed via a central control box to suit the type of product, ensuring its gentle treatment. The product is then placed onto the infeed belt, which is also used as a buffering belt, the centrifuge drum then accelerates and the product is dried. Once the centrifuging cycle has come to an end, the drum speed is reduced and the product is gradually discharged onto the outfeed belt. As the machine is compact and reasonably low to the ground it is possible to clean manually without needing steps or stairs.


  • ASD600  600 – 800kg.   per hour, with a detachable insert basket which can be cleaned quickly and easily.

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  • ASD800  800 – 1,600kg. per hour, after each batch the drum is cleaned by an integrated ‘air knife’ and the ‘CIP (Cleaning in Place) System automatically cleanses the centrifuge drum and housing during a product change or at the end of production.

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