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Eillert GWB – Washer machine

Washer machine with outfeed belt

1,500kg, depending on the product

The GWB has an outfeed belt, of which its’ water pressure and transportation speed can be adjusted to suit the product. The smooth side and bottom nozzles ensure a perfect water flow and rotation, resulting in a thorough wash. The effective washing length and width can either be 2,000mm, 3,000mm or 4,000mm. depending on the desired washing time. The width of the machine can be either 350mm, 500mm or 800mm, this ultimately determines the capacity.


  • GWB                Suited to washing lettuce, baby leaves, herbs, tomatoes, stir-fry content and small foods that go in to soups.

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  • GWB 1000   Suited to washing light products such as, lettuce, baby leaves, herbs, tomatoes, stir-fry content, as well as, heavier cut products, such as cabbage, carrots, paprika, etc. There is an automatic discharge into the centrifuge so there is no need to handle the heavy, wet product.

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