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Finis PAP – Pepper cutter

Pepper cutter

3,000 – 54,000 pieces per hour

The PAP has been specifically designed for the coring, halving and quartering of peppers. Once the peppers have been fed into the machine manually, the rest of the process is automatic. The first automatic stage is coring, which is performed by a turning knife that moves up and down. The coring depth, speed and hole size can be adjusted to suit the pepper size. After coring, the drilled pepper leftovers are pushed out from the knife pneumatically. 
After this stage, the product is halved by rotating knives or quartered by punch knives. The cored and cut peppers are then automatically conveyed onto the inspection table. The capacity is dependent on the number of lanes, number of cycles per minute and set speed. The number of lanes can either be two, four or six. The speed of the transport system can be adjusted to suit the requirement, allowing for optimum of  twenty-five cycles per minute.