Projx Innovative Engineering

Nilma Pioneer – Vegetable peeler

8 – 30kg. loading capacity

The Pioneer is a fast automatic vegetable-peeling machine that is able to work accurately and with minimum waste. It is able to peel carrots, potatoes, beetroot, celeriac and other products. The specially designed carborundum-lined disk and baffles ensure a uniform distribution of the peeling action over the entire surface of the product, resulting in less waste. With the timer it is possible to set the peeling times and avoid unnecessary over peeling of the product. The skins are instantly disposed of by a water jet and collected in the stainless steel filter, to prevent floor drain from jamming. Once the peeling is complete, the peeling disk and filter can be easily removed and cleaned.


  • Pioneer K8             8kg. loading capacity
  • Pioneer K15         15kg. loading capacity
  • Pioneer K30         30kg. loading capacity

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