Projx Innovative Engineering

Nilma Soupper – Transfer pump for hot liquids

Capacity 48 litres a minute

The Soupper automatically transfers liquids, such as, sauces, milk and coffee from one location to another. It can do the same for liquids with solid particles, such as, thick soups. It is able to transfer hot liquids of up to 85 degrees centigrade. The Soupper is an ideal partner for transferring liquid from large cooking vessels to other locations, as it draws the liquid from directly inside the pot. The transfer flow speed can be altered to suit the operator. The main benefits of the Soupper include, shorter transfer times, increased hygiene, reduced risk of contamination and the ability to see the precise amount of liquid transferred. The machine is constructed entirely of 18/10 stainless steel. The Soupper is mobile due to its trolley with handle, two fixed wheels and two pivoting wheels. It is easy to clean, as there is a rubber impeller, which can be removed manually. The suction pipe is transparent plastic, at one end there is a stainless steel fitting for rapid connection and on the other end is a stainless steel nozzle with a heat resistant grip. There is a 24V. control board, which has the following buttons; on, off, manual, stop, automatic, slow, programme, as well as, a power fault indicator.

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