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Tenrit Solo A/M – Asparagus Peeler

Tenrit Solo A/M – Asparagus Peeler

The Solo A/M has all the features of the Solo A, although in addition it is equipped with an integrated compressor and water pump with automatic pressure switch off. It only needs a 230V connection, which allows maximum flexibility.

An operator places the asparagus on the feed table. It is then automatically fed gently through the machine by 20 pendulous transport roller pairs and peeled at 8 peeling stations each consisting of 2 blades. The peeling stations are positioned so that the asparagus is completely peeled during transport through the machine. The blades and transport rollers are fitted with a quick release system, making it possible to easily change blades. Peeling pressure can be altered to suit your requirements. The diameter can be adjusted individually using three pressure regulating valves, therefore ensuring a minimum peel loss.

Quick Start for various asparagus diameters is activated using the touch screen. Peeling initiation, transport speed and individual peeling stations can all be adjusted individually.

Asparagus diameter: 8–45 mm.
Asparagus length: 100mm. (max)

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