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Tenrit Solo C – Universal Peeler

Tenrit Solo C – Universal Peeler

The Tenrit Solo C effectively peels cucumbers, carrots and other elongated vegetables. There are two models of the Solo C that are suitable for fresh produce with a diameter of 8-20mm. or 20-65mm. (and a minimum length of 100mm.)

The product is mechanically fed into the machine via the feed table or a V-belt (additional option.) Once in the machine, 20 pendulous transport roller pairs feed the product gently through the machine, it is peeled at eight peeling stations containing two blades each. The peeling stations are positioned so that the vegetables are peeled efficiently during their journey through the machine. The blades and transport rollers are fitted with a quick release system, which makes it possible to easily change blades e.g. during cleaning. Peeling pressure can be adjusted to suit your requirements, therefore ensuring a minimum peel loss.

Quick Start is activated safely using the touchscreen. Peeling initiation, transport speed and peeling stations can all be adjusted individually.

Vegetable diameter: 20 – 65 mm
Vegetable length minimum: 100 mm

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