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Colour Sorter 2000 – Self Propelled Sorter

Aspirx Suction Sorter

Optical Sorter: Ideal for installing on a self-propelled tomato harvester

The Protec Aspirx Suction Sorter is proven to be the most efficient system in detecting defects, such as, off-colour, rot and discolouration in dark colours. Ideal for compotes and diced products such as tomatoes, apples and other fruits. It has a strong suction rejection feature that can sort the difference between pulp, diced and extrusion.

This Optical Sorter uses a high-speed and high-resolution camera system that examines the product moving on the conveyor belt. The images are analysed by the Protec designed electronic card, that uses the latest integration and speed technology to ensure maximum performance. Defects as small as 0.5 x 0.5mm. in size are analysed in conjunction with a powerful image processing software. The sorter is provided with a monitoring personal computer with a touch screen interface. The software installed checks each of the functions that needs to be monitored; the amount of rejects, the air pressure, the water temperature and the motor’s activation. This can be done in automatic mode and manually.

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