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DixAir T – Air Jet Optical Sorter

DixAir T

Air Jet Optical Sorter: Ideal for vegetables, diced tomato and fruit

The Protec DixAir T has proved to be highly efficient in detecting defects such as off-colour, rot and discolouration in black, green and white colours. Upon request, a lighting and vision system in colour is also available. The DixAir T can sort sliced fruit, peas, leaf, sliced carrots, etc.

The Air Jet Optical Sorter uses a high-speed and high-resolution system of linear cameras, that examine the product moving on the conveyor belt. The images are analysed on the Portec designed electronic card that uses the latest integration and speed technology to ensure maximum performance. Therefore, defects as small as 0.5 x 0.25mm. in size are analysed in conjunction with the powerful image processing software. The latest generation cameras used ensure an increased sensitivity along the whole light spectrum and a faster speed in transferring the data. To guarantee uniform and continuous light onto the product, top reliability and continuity of performance over time, lighting is provided by a solid state, one of a kind, high intensity dedicated system.

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