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WT Extra Sorter – Optical Sorter

WT Extra Sorter

Optical Sorter: Ideal for peaches, apricots, strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes etc.

The Protec Aspirx WT Optical Sorter is well suited to peeled tomatoes, fruit and whole vegetables. It can also sort products such as peaches, apricots and potatoes. The high spec camera detects defects likes, rot, off-colour, mould, stones, insects and pips.

The line of sorters comprises of a single vision systems that examine the products from above, as well as double vision systems that examine the product from below. Each vision unit has a brush operated cleaning system to wipe the optical element at regular intervals.

The proven conveyor belt feeds the product towards the optical inspection system, following on towards the rejection unit. The top quality electro-pneumatic palette rejection system has proven to be the most effective for medium size products. For smaller size products, rejection is performed by a powerful and precise jet of air.


The production capacity varies according to the system’s size. The machines are available with varying dimensions and capacities.

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