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Eillert GWT – Leafy vegetable washer machine

Leafy vegetable washer machine with vibration sieve

1,500kg, depending on the product

The GWT is an ideal machine for washing delicate products, like Lollo bionda, Lollo Rosso, Arugula and other types of baby leaf. It is possible to adjust the water pressure and transportation speed to suit the product. The smooth side and bottom nozzles ensure a perfect water flow and rotation, resulting in an optimal wash. There is a double bypass at the infeed of the basin ensuring the balance between propulsion and product overflow. The GWT has a vibration sieve, which conveys the washed product. The machine length can either be 2,000mm, 3,000mm or 4,000mm. depending on the desired washing time. The width of the machine can either be, 350mm, 500mm or 800mm, this ultimately determines the capacity.

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