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Eillert SLICE – Vegetable and salad slicing machine

Vegetable and salad slicing machine

1,000 – 4,000kg. per hour, depending on product and cut

The SLICE enables high volumes of lettuce, baby leaves, spring onions, leeks, carrots, etc. to be cut automatically in just seconds. The SLICE has a sophisticated cutting technique, which guarantees a perfect and precise cut with minimal waste of juice, therefore optimising shelf-life. The machine has a horizontal belt for an optimal grip on the product and a specially designed crosscut knife suitable for leafy vegetables, so that they can be cut into quadrants or strips. The PLC controlled slicer can be programmed easily. The cutting compartment is completely separate from the mechanical area, creating a hygienic operation. The belts can easily be removed, to enable frequent cleaning and disinfecting.

Options available:

  • Standalone machine
  • Part of a complete production line

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