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Nilma TCN202 – Continuous cycle dicer

Continuous cycle dicer

150 – 1,000kg. per hour, depending on produce and dicing size

The TCN202 continuously dices large quantities of fruit, onions, turnips, courgettes, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, carrots, fish, etc. The TCN 202 is quick and easy to use, all the operator has to do is pour the product into the loading hopper manually or by means of a conveyor, and in a matter of seconds the product will come out perfectly diced. The cutting system uses a rotating force to push the product towards the set of knives, without squashing it. A special device makes it possible to adjust the cutting speed, also depending on the type of product the cubes can be sized from 3 to 20mm. resulting in a perfect shape every time with minimal processing waste.

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