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Manter M16i – Weigher

Manter M16i

Weighing Machine: Ideal for heavy vegetables

The Manter M16i Weigher offers a packing range from 100 grams to 2.5kgs. for various heavy vegetables. With a packing speed up to 80 bags per minute the Weigher can be combined with all kinds of packing machines and discharge systems.

The high-speed computer scans the weight of available product in all 16 V-shaped buckets and chooses the best combination to provide the most accurate weight. The V-shaped bucket scales can weigh a variety of produce types, while handling them gently.

Small to medium buckets are available to suit the required optimisation. The buckets are removable, to enable easy cleaning of the machine. With a low drop, the weight will be directly applied to the discharge belt, giving a gentler handling of the product.

By using the HMI touchscreen the operator can save packing styles in the user-friendly program for quick and easy changeovers. The operator can choose between 3 modes; accuracy, speed and rolling safe mode. There is also a pre-installed router for remote assistance.

The M16i is made from a sturdy stainless-steel construction with vibration isolation. All product points are stainless steel of good plastic grade.

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