Projx Innovative Engineering

Finis KGSCH – Continuous knife peeler

Up to 6,000 kg. per hour

The KGSCH is a continuous knife and/or cavity-peeling machine for potatoes, swede, butternut, sweet potatoes, carrots and other root products. It enables excellent quality and high yield. This machine has up to 36 rotating discs that carefully peel the product. Due to the design of the machine, the product’s cell structure is kept intact, resulting in an end product with a longer shelf life and a hand peeled look. Stainless steel motors with frequency converters individually drive the peeling discs. The peeling time can be adjusted by changing the speed of the machine. To ensure a uniformed end product, there is a special infeed with an elevator to weigh the amount. For convenience, the KGSCG will automatically signal the belt when to run or stop. The machine will peel continuously repeat batches of 8kg. The special developed knife discs create a perfect end product with a ‘hand peeled’ look and increased shelf-life. The knives have longevity due to the premium stainless steel used. The KGSCH has a hygienic and safe method of abrasive peeling. It also does not leave carborundum in the end product. It has reasonable maintenance costs as the discs can be used clockwise and anti-clockwise for both the upper and lower levels. The KGSCH has an automatic cleaning programme that uses 75% less water than conventional peeling methods. The water usage can be automatically adjusted by using the advanced touch screen control display. The clean product runs on the upper level, whilst the waste drops down to the integrated waste auger. There is an option to connect the waste auger to a pump, enabling the waste to be transported in an easy and clean way. The specially designed low maintenance motors are constructed from stainless steel and do not use bearings, therefore are easy to access for both cleaning and maintaining. The speed of each separate motor can be adapted, to result in an improved yield. The speed of the belt and the amount of water usage is adaptable just by a few simple clicks on the touch screen control display. The KGSCH is multifunctional, so it can be used as a combination or abrasive peeler. Special knife discs have been created for the reject peeler, they help to reduce steam time and improve the potato quality. The rejects are peeled automatically into the ‘A’ quality potato with the minimum amount of waste.

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