Projx Innovative Engineering

Finis FRS – Roller peeler

The FRS enables a high capacity of potatoes, carrots, beets, etc. to be peeled within a short space of time. It has a proven scraping system, which consists of approximately 3 metre rollers. The speed and grit of the auger and the rollers are adjustable, so it is possible to get a controlled peeling time. The FRS can be used as a part of the complete line, and is able to peel different products and quantities. As a pre-treatment in the knife-peeling stage, the roller peeler ensures an optimal quality end product. The peeling result depends on the grit chosen, the selected speed of the rollers and the length of time the product is in the machine. The roller peeler is also equipped with a waste chute at the bottom, which can be connected to a waste auger and/or a waste pump.

Options available: 

Stone detection system

Automatic greasing system