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Nilma Dough O Mat – Automatic pasta cooker

100 – 600 litre vat capacity, depending on machine model

The Dough O Mat cooks all types of pasta, such as spaghetti, tortellini, gnocchi, farfalle, spirali, penne, etc. The automatic cooker has a thermostat which controls the heat of the water to ensure the pasta is cooked at the right temperature, so as not to loose the gluten and starch. As the temperature is controlled, there is less foaming during the cooking process, which saves 20 per cent more energy compared to a normal boiling pan. The Dough O Mat has an automatic arm which results in the pasta being stirred by a vortex of water at the right speed for that pasta type, ensuring it cooks evenly, without sticking. For complete ease of use, the pasta cooker has a basket tilt system, which is controlled by an electronic programmer.


  • C40      (electric, steam or gas)        100 litre vat
  • C40/2 (electric, steam or gas)   2 x 100 litre vat
  • C80     (electric, steam or gas)         200 litre vat
  • C80/2 (electric, steam or gas)   2 x 200 litre vat
  • C150    (electric or steam)                400 litre vat
  • C300   (steam)                                    600 litre vat

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