Projx Innovative Engineering

Nilma Salsamat – Automatic braising pan with mixer

30 – 300 litre loading capacity, depending on model

The Salsamat is an ideal pan for browning, cooking and braising of meats, stews, sauces, risottos, purees, jams, rice dishes, etc. All the automated functions can be controlled through the control panel, such as duration, temperature and stirring motion. The stirring motion can be programmed to suit the recipe; either continuous, alternated or with reverse direction. The pan has rotating arms with mixing paddles and steel scrapers that reach every part of the pan to keep the product from sticking to the bottom during the browning stage.


  • Salsamat 40 electric                   ( 30 litre loading capacity)
  • Salsamat 80 gas or electric       ( 65 litre loading capacity)
  • Salsamat 160 gas or electric   (160 litre loading capacity)
  • Salsamat 300 gas or electric   (300 litre loading capacity)

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