Projx Innovative Engineering

Nilma Pastaline – cooking and cooling line

20 – 60kg, depending on model

The Pastaline is a versatile line that can cook, as well as, cool all types of pasta, such as tagliatelle, spaghetti, penne, gnocchi, tortellini, ravioli, etc. The Pastaline is fully automatic, so the operator only needs to pour in the pasta and add salt to the water, the rest of the process is completed by the line. The Pastaline automatically monitors the heat of the water and stirs at a speed that suits the type of pasta, to avoid the pasta sticking. Once the pasta is cooked, it is then automatically raised out of the boiling water and transferred into the cooler, complete with refrigerated water and an automatic stirrer, it is there that the pasta is chilled for 1-2 minutes, or longer depending on the desired set controlled chilling time. When the cooling is complete, a basket lifts the pasta into the drain position. The operator then unloads the pasta into a trolley.


  • C80     (electric, gas or steam)        20kg.                   (1  vat)
  • C80/2 (electricity, gas or steam)     20kg. + 20kg.    (2 vats)
  • C150   (electricity and steam)         40kg.                   (1  vat)
  • C300   (steam)                                   60kg.                   (1  vat)

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