Projx Innovative Engineering

Nilma MixMatic 150H/C – Cooking and cooling pan

125 litre capacity

The MixMatic 150H/C both cooks the product, then reduces its temperature ready for packing. It is suitable for cooking and cooling soups, rice, sauces, jams, creams, puddings, etc. The operator can easily control the process via the control board, which is positioned on the side of the machine. The product is mixed by a stainless steel arm, scraper on the pan wall and another on the bottom. The 150H/C has a double jacket that is either heated by 24kW elements or cooled by cold water coming from the mains or refrigerated water, depending on the operation at that time. The machine is entirely made of stainless steel.

Options available:

  • Connect the MixMatic 150H/C to a cold water producing system
  • Connect the MixMatic 150H/C to Nilma CCMP 4.0 software