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Nilma MixMatic S – Cooker with mixer

250 – 500 litre loading capacity, depending on the model

The MixMatic S is ideal for cooking all types of sauces from bolognaise, béchamel, ragu to passata. The temperature of the cooker can be adjusted as required, from very low up to a maximum of 165°C, this makes it possible to achieve the cooking results typically obtained with kettles, pans and braising pans. The basic and added ingredients are constantly stirred by the automatic mixing device to prevent the heavier ingredients from settling on the bottom of the pan. The operator is able set the programme, stirring speed, as well as, motion to either continuous or intermittent.


  • MixMatic 250 S    250 litre maximum loading capacity
  • MixMatic 500        500 litre maximum loading capacity

Option available:

  • Fitted with a HACCP control and cooling system

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