Projx Innovative Engineering

Nilma MixMatic – Tilting boiling pan with mixer

125 -300 litre capacity, depending on model

The MixMatic makes a range of dishes from soups, sauces, porridges, custards to rice. The pan cooks and continually mixes the ingredients with its rotating arm; therefore ensuring the heavier product does not settle on the bottom of the pan. The mixing arm reduces the need for constant inspection and intervention of the recipe, resulting in reduced labour time. The MixMatic has an automatic control to set the cooking temperature, a very important feature, especially for the preparation of soups and other delicate dishes. After the cooking process, the automatic tilting feature quickly and conveniently pours out the product.


  • 150 electric  125 litre capacity
  • 150 steam    125 litre capacity
  • 300 electric  300 litre capacity
  • 300 steam    300 litre capacity

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