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Nilma RG – Versatile preparation machine

Versatile preparation machine

300 – 2,400kg. per hour, depending on machine model

The RG is a versatile machine that slices, chops, dices and shreds vegetables, salad, fresh fruit, dried fruit, bread and cheese. The operator places the product into the feed hopper, following that, a clean and precise cut is made. With a wide range of cutting tools, it should be possible to obtain the required shape and size. It enables well-presented food to be prepared quickly, enabling providers to offer an extensive and varied menu. This reliable machine provides quality results, as well as labour saving benefits too.

  • RG 100         300kg. per hour
  • RG 200         400kg. per hour
  • RG 250         480kg. per hour
  • RG 350         720kg. per hour
  • RG 400      2,400kg. per hour

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