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Pro-KB/HD – Knocking Belt


Knocking Belt: Ideal for salad leaf

Projx Services are delighted to launch the new PRO-KB-HD foreign body removal belt, which is a heavy duty version of the popular standard version for higher capacities. Many companies worldwide are struggling with a simple and effective way to remove small stones, insects, snails shell pieces, wood and plastic from the high quality end product being offered to their customers. However, we now have the solution to this problem.

The PRO-KB controls are designed to be fully flexible so you can automatically sort and inspect very delicate baby leaf products through to more durable cut leaf and vegetables on the same machine. The PRO-KB is fully adjustable with a knocking devise where you can select how gentle or aggressive it works to suit different product type.

The design features include an even feed with different hole sizes to suit various applications, with an extended overhang to improve the feed into the wash line or to feed an optical sorter. An integrated crate collection to improve the work flow. Robust infeed crate bars to aid decanting that can all be integrated into other lines easily.

We also offer and extended version that has an integrated SOP area with LED for operators.

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