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WT – Tomato Optical Sorter


Tomato Optical Sorter: Ideal for whole, peeled, pulped, diced tomatoes and tomato paste

The Protec Aspirx WT sorts and rejects unsuitable product amongst whole tomatoes, peeled tomatoes, pulps, diced and tomato paste. It identifies dis-coloured product, defects and foreign bodies and eliminates them.

Whole Tomato: 

The Tomato Optical Sorter will reject all whole product with unsuitable colour spots and can identify foreign body. This may consist of wood splinters, plastic, ears of corn, corn cobs, cans, bottles, or small animals. It can also sort based on the size of a whole tomato.

Pulped, peeled and diced: 

This machine uses a unique visual system to sort colours such as; green, yellow, orange and black tomato from the quality finished product.

Peeled tomato: 

After peeling the product the machine will use a specialist camera to detect, with a high degree of accuracy, colour dis-colouration within the tomato. Therefore, all black or green spots on the surface or white and yellow inside will be rejected.

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